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Anjali Asha is an American singer/songwriter, born on April 20th, 1999 whose name translates to ‘Offering Hope. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, this 18-year-old was born into a music loving family of Indian and Mexican descent.

Her father started out as a deejay before becoming a music producer, remixer and recording engineer which introduced her to the music industry while her mom influenced her with Jazz, Blues, Soul, R&B along with Mariachi and Ranchera. Add a touch of Bollywood, Punjabi, Techno and Reggae from her dad and she brings a long list of unique experiences to the table having grown up around musicians and a recording studio.

Anjali began writing lyrics ever since she learnt to write and soon discovered singing to be a true passion.

At 9yrs old, she approached her dad and asked to record a song for a class project explaining, “It about what I’m going to be when I grow up”. Her dad’s automatic reaction was “No, you’re not going to be a singer.” She insisted it was for a school project. Dad argued her school project could not need an actual recording. Plus he said she didn't understand anything about songwriting, lyrics and melody  which would be required before even going to the recording part of the process. To his surprise Anjali sang an original song she had written with her own melody. Within minutes they were in the studio where she blew him away with her vocal delivery. From that point on Anjali began her personal journey into the world of music under her dad’s guidance and tutelage wherever it was needed.

In the studio, Anjali was a natural at creating melodies, hooks, harmonies and other aspects of musicianship. Her interest in various music genres has helped her be creative in finding a style all her own. Some of her biggest influences vary from: Amy Winehouse, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Etta James, Whitney Houston and Patty LaBelle.

As she learned the recording process her first release came at 13yrs old, a jazzy single with a love song she wrote about San Francisco called "The Bay”. At 14 she released, R&B single “Hold Me Down” which was her first collaboration with other writers and producers. Later on she released “Reality” a reggae vibed single she released at 15. She had originally written it at 10yrs old during a time when her family was struggling after losing their home.

Her newest singles upon graduating high school are “Take Off” and "All I Need", as she has already set her sights on pursuing her passion full time.

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