Anjali Asha

"If Kanye could do it dad, I got this"

- Anjali Asha


Lying motionless in the ER, even before knowing the full extent of her injuries and still coming in and out of consciousness, Anjali mumbled her first words, “If Kanye could do it dad, I got this”.

Having had just survived a car accident involving a drunk driver, Anjali’s face had been crushed in and literally separated from her skull. She suffered a torn upper lip, lacerated forehead, permanent nerve damage, unable to breath properly along with a broken upper jaw, nose, and cheekbones,  she was told she may never sing again.

Anjali took her two year recovery to the chin, smiling through every feat. She battled through multiple surgeries, had her jaw wired shut and was  put on a liquid diet for over 4 months. She forced herself off prescription meds on her own accord and battled through percocet  withdrawals. During her withdrawal period while still recovering and waiting for upcoming surgeries, she began writing again. Anjali pushed herself tirelessly and just nine months after the accident, she had recorded and released an almost entirely new debut album titled “CHINGONA”.

“CHINGONA”, is a Spanish word translating to “Bad ass woman”. As she fought through every adversity, Anjali truly embodied the cheeky nickname her mom had given her growing up. With a new take on life and finally having completed her surgeries and recovery, Anjali is now back on her passion filled journey.

Road to Recovery

"I'm the bionic woman"

Anjali (joking about the titanium plates in her face)



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Artist Info:

Label:   Self Released / Independent

Genre:   Pop

Hometown:   San Francisco Bay Area

Inflences:   Amy Winehouse, Kendrick Lamar, Harry Belafonte

Sounds Like:   Amy Winehouse, Fergie, Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa