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Anjali Asha is an Indo-Fijian and Mexican American singer/songwriter out of the San Francisco Bay Area. She was born on April 20th, 1999, and her name translates to ‘A Divine Offering of Hope’, Anjali pursues this career full time to share her music with the world.

Her father started out as a DJ before becoming a music producer and recording engineer which introduced her to the music industry at a very young age. Her parents unique cultural backgrounds influenced her with all kinds of music growing up such as Jazz, Blues, Soul, R&B, Hip Hop, Mariachi Bollywood, Techno and Reggae.  She brings these influences with her in the studio and in her writing.

Anjali began writing lyrics ever since she started to write and soon discovered singing to be a passion as well.

At 9yrs old, she approached her dad and asked to record a song for a class project explaining, “It’s supposed to be about what I’m going to be when I grow up”. Her dad’s automatic reaction was “No, you’re not going to be a singer.” but she insisted it was for a school project. Her father argued that her school project could not need an actual recording. Plus, he said she didn’t understand anything about songwriting, lyrics or melody which would be required before even going to the recording part of the process. To his surprise Anjali sang an original song with her own melody. Within minutes they were in the studio where she blew him away with her vocal delivery. From that point on Anjali began her personal journey into the world of music under her dad’s wing.

In the studio, Anjali was a natural at creating melodies, hooks, harmonies and other aspects of musicianship. Her interest in various music genres has helped her be creative in finding a style all her own. Some of her biggest influences vary from: Amy Winehouse, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Etta James, Louis Armstrong and Frank Sinatra.

As she learned the recording process her first release came at 13yrs old, a jazzy love song she wrote about San Francisco called “The Bay”. At 14 she released, the R&B pop single “Hold Me Down” which was her first collaboration with other writers and producers. Later on she released “Reality”, a reggae vibed single she released at 15 which she’d originally written at 10yrs old during a time when her family was struggling after losing their home.

Upon graduating High School, Anjali won the Cliff Burton Memorial Scholarship. A memorial fund set up to honor and carry the memory of late Cliff Burton, a founding member of Metallica to a student pursuing a sincere commitment to music.

Anjali is dedicated to her music and is pushing to make her dream of performing on world stages true.

Anjali’s debut album was nearly complete June 2018 when she was in a car accident involving a drunk driver that left her with her nose, cheekbones, and upper jaw smashed in and shattered. After a little over a week in the hospital and 3 major surgeries later, family and friends were devastated to learn that among her other injuries she may never be able to sing the same. She then started what doctors told her would be a 12-18 month long recovery process.

Although told to take it easy and stay on bed rest, Anjali began working again just a month into her recovery period. She continued writing and as things developed she inspired her team into working twice as hard right along with her. Just seven months later she announces an entire independent debut album due in March, Anjali is excited to present “Chingona” the album & attitude, to the world.

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